— noun
1. supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment: wedded bliss.
2. heaven; paradise: the dance of eternal bliss.

Every dance is a fleeting moment that is meant to be seized, and it is never quite the same even when it’s performed again. Each piece is ever evolving – from the way the dancers move and feel, to how your heart melds with ours. Both dancer and audience mature and grow over time, always encountering a perpetual newness in every choreography.

Come and experience for yourself the ephemeral and pure joy of being in unison with the dancers for that singular moment; with our breaths held in, our hearts connect – that is the true bliss of watching a ballet in the theatre. Beyond captivating choreographies and exquisite sets, relish in the unexplainable delight of being the first ones to catch the four premieres SDT 2017 will bring.

Join us, and be immersed in the brilliance and radiance of dance. Welcome to the Season of Bliss!

Let your heart dance freely in the supreme joy and paradise of Coppélia and The Nutcracker.

Don’t miss our children’s specials – Peter & Blue’s Birthday Party, as well as our Dance Appreciation Series (jointly presented with Esplanade Theatre).

Be enthralled and join in the exuberance of our four exquisite premieres at Masterpiece in Motion and Passages.

Swoon and sing as the wedding bells ring at Ballet Under the Stars this year. The first weekend will present riveting contemporary works, while the second weekend will showcase the classical wedding pas de deux from Coppélia, Sleeping Beauty, and Don Quixote.