• Email cm@singaporeballet.org with your enquiry, please state the following:
    • Contact Person: Name, E-mail, Contact Number, Company (if applicable)
    • Studio Rental Details: Date(s), Timing(s), Number of Studio(s), Purpose of Booking, Special Requests (if any)
    • Kindly note that the booking of Singapore Ballet’s studios is reserved for the purpose of ballet examinations and practices (RAD/CSTD), rehearsals for dance-related performances, Singapore Ballet/NAC related activities, etc.
  • Please note the following:
    • All Studio Rental must be confirmed and fully paid one week before the date of use
    • Block Bookings can only be done up to one month in advance
    • All Studio Rental Rates are on an hourly basis
    • All Studio Rental Rates are fixed and non-negotiable

Payment Method: Cash or Cheque

Payable to: Singapore Ballet Limited

Terms of Payment:

  • Full payment to be made 1 week before the start of the booking period
  • There will be no refund, exchange, or transfer of studio booking once confirmed
  • Kindly mail or drop off the cash or cheque at Singapore Ballet (201 Victoria St, Bugis+, #07-02/03 Singapore 188067), attention to Finance Department

The Client

  • The Client agrees to hold full responsibilities for all claims, liabilities, and damages arising from any action or activity in the usage of the studio.
  • All activities held in the studio during booked timings are to be in no way related to Singapore Ballet.
  • The Client can only access the studio that has been booked, and no other venues within the premises.
  • The Client must only use the studio during the booking timing. There will not be any time extensions permitted.

General Studio Rules

  • No food or drinks are allowed in the studio.
  • No shoes are allowed into the studio, except dance appropriate footwear.
  • No adhesives are to be used on the studio walls or ceilings. All adhesives used on the flooring must be removed without leaving any marks or stains.
  • The studio is not to be used for any other purpose other than the intention stated at the point of booking confirmation.


  • The Community Studio in Singapore Ballet is open for booking for the intention of non-profitable dance related activities.
  • Singapore Ballet reserves the rights to accept or reject studio booking requests.
  • Singapore Ballet reserves the rights to make any amendments, cancellations, and orders with regards to all studio matters.