We believe that live music elevates and enhances your experience in watching a ballet. From the percussive rhythms to the mellow brass, there’s so much depth and nuance that’s found in a live orchestra, and we are very excited to share this with you at our performances.

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Any production of this scale is only made possible through the support of many. We are very grateful to everyone who has helped us bring live music to our full-length classical ballets. Your support is crucial to sustaining this ground-breaking endeavour.


Since 2018, Singapore Ballet and Metropolitan Festival Orchestra (MFO) have been in a partnership to jointly perform iconic full-length classical works as part of Singapore Ballet’s annual seasons.

Over the past three decades, Singapore Ballet has garnered international acclaim for the high quality and versatility of its performances. It has now reached a stage in its artistic development where incorporating a professional orchestra into its full-length classical productions will position itself as a home-grown dance company of international standards.

As Singapore’s first and only fully-independent professional symphony orchestra, MFO was founded to be a platform to showcase the growing pool of professional orchestral musicians in Singapore, mobilising them in innovative and sustainable ways that open up new performance opportunities across a range of both traditional and non-traditional genres and formats.