What is One @ the Ballet?

Held once a month on a Saturday, One @ the Ballet was initiated in 2009 as an in-studio dance presentation which aims to break the barrier created by the stage, bringing audiences one step closer to the dancers. These part-narrative sessions conducted by our Artistic Director, Janek Schergen will explore a wide spectrum of dance topics which will enable individuals gain a greater insight into the world of dance. From something as detailed as the little rituals that dancers perform before they go onstage, to the creative process a choreographer undergoes to create a new work, the audience can expect to enhance their knowledge of dance and also watch our dancers up-close and personal as they perform excerpts from our main performance seasons.

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  • Children aged 3 and below will not be admitted.
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Date: Refer to monthly schedule below
1.00pm – 2.15pm (Registration opens at 12.45pm)

Venue: Singapore Ballet – Founder’s Studio
Fee: $20 (Payment can be made by bank transfer only)

Upcoming Presentations

24th September 2022
Behind the Front Curtain

From a unique perspective, we will take you behind the curtain to showcase different aspects of the training, creation of a ballet and on to performance aspects. All the elements of choreography, music, set, costume design, as well as choice of repertoire in each of our six annual seasons will be part of the discussion. Special sections of ballets that are presently in rehearsal will be shown as part of the process. As always, our dancers will be interviewed for our audience’s enlightenment. The Singapore Ballet dancers will be taught a section of a ballet that they have never danced to give you a glimpse of how choreography is taught.

15th October 2022
The New Way Forward

Contemporary dance is a concept that embodies expression of thought and emotion at its core. It strives to be about how something feels and brings you more deeply into a very personal experience for a performer. Choreographers are less formal in their approach overall. The audience becomes witness to an experience. Dance can work on many levels and how to advance choreographic traditions, for a new age, become the key motivation.

26th November 2022
The Nutcracker

In the last session of the year for One @ the Ballet, we will focus on our unique production of The Nutcracker. The Nutcracker has become a holiday tradition throughout the world and is often performed annually by many companies. The ballet has some very well-known scenes including the beautiful Snow scene and the voyage through the Land of the Sweets, featuring the famous Sugar Plum Fairy in a pas de deux with her cavalier, the Prince. We will show some of the sections of choreography, as well as the elaborate costumes made for the production.

29th January 2022
Ballet in Singapore

The story of ballet training and performances has a long history and the link to where we are now is one of great interest. Ballet, in places like Europe, America and Australia have their own unique histories and stories, full of memorable people, performances and moments in time. We also have our own trailblazers and present-day advocates pushing the art of dance forward here now. A small retrospective of ballet in Singapore will be featured in presentation.

26th February 2022
Classical Ballet Highlights

Classical ballet, in performance, traces its history back to performances in major European capitals. Famous ballets like Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Don Quixote, as well as earlier ballets from the romantic era including Giselle, La Sylphide and Coppélia form the heritage of dance as an art form. Classical ballet moved on to neoclassical ballet and further to become contemporary choreography. We’ll trace the progression of ballet and show aspects of choreography representing the best of classical ballet choreography.

26th March 2022
Dancing Days

When a person dreams of becoming a professional dancer, their thoughts are motivated by the desire to experience dance as an all-consuming passion. The opportunity to perform onstage, go on tours and constantly experience new things, new ideas and new realm of possibilities. Dancing is no longer about ballet or contemporary, but something that can be influenced by any form of movement. Our company was started on that concept and how we have achieved it over the years, will be presented for you.


23rd April 2022
Choreographic Legends

The era of great names in choreography is a matter of discussion-August Bournonville, Marius Petipa, Michel Fokine, Sir Frederick Ashton, George Balanchine, Jiri Kylian, Sir Kenneth MacMillan, Paul Taylor, Martha Graham… The list is representative of what we consider today to be the standard for choreographic excellence. At the same time, the desire for what is new and exciting can be held back by the mere fact of these great names and their legacy. In the end what is good in choreography is built on the past without getting stuck there. What is unique to each choreographer’s creation remains timeless.


28th May 2022
Next Generation

“It’s good to look back, but try not to stare…” We, as most repertory-based ballet companies, endeavors to build on the classical ballet heritage with new directions in choreography, as well as the overall look, development and abilities of the dancers. Just adding new repertoire into the performances is only the first step and who, where and how the next generation of dancers, choreographers come to the forefront is how dance will remain a relevant art form. We want to show you how where we came from has led us to where we are now and where we hope to progress to for our audiences.


25th June 2022
Neoclassical Innovation

Classical ballet was inspired by narrative concepts and ideas in its earliest creations. At one point, movement for the sake of movement, motivated by music and the response to it, became the overriding concept of choreography. It was the beginning of neoclassical dance as a genre of ballet. Every major choreographer of the 20th and 21st century has explored this idea. Who began it and for what purpose is the key to this major innovation in the choreographic art. This One @ the Ballet will highlight how to appreciate dance in its purest form.


23rd July 2022
Meditation, Music and Movement

Dance and movement are inspired by sound. In the most realized of that meeting is the choreographer’s art. Music serves as our deepest response to how dance is created. Brilliant composers like Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky and Igor Stravinsky worked closely in developing whole pieces of music meant to be companions to the movement created by a choreographer. The successful union of these art forms can take an audience beyond the ordinary and create a memorable experience and transform how we can link all the senses.


27th August 2022
Classical Ballet in the 21st Century

Ballet has never stood still in its desire to combine its heritage and the possibilities for the future. Choreographers are more interested in using the established vocabulary of classical ballet in reflection of what new influences have pushed the limits of movement and visual spectacle. This generation of choreographers have new traditions to establish and their own stories to tell.

(Postponed)  29th May 2021
The Code of Terpsichore

Terpsichore is the Greek goddess of dance and ballet has been most closely identified as a predominately female art form. Ballet establishes manners, respect and heritage in our training, both onstage and off, in both classical and contemporary dance. The profound history of how this came to be will be the basis of this session and we will show segments of our repertoire in aid of this discussion and demonstration of dance pieces.