Updates to ADC!

(Dated 23 Nov; updated 14 Dec 2021)

As 2021 comes to a close, we would like to sincerely thank you for your commitment and trust towards Singapore Ballet.

In the past two years, we had to adapt to safety management measures and various class registration restrictions for Adult Dance Class (ADC), and we are truly grateful that we had your kind support and understanding through this. We are also thankful that the restrictive measures are slowly easing, giving us a glimmer of hope to return to normalcy, as much as possible.

In our continuing efforts to striving towards making dance fun and truly enjoyable for everyone, we are changing the class level names and increasing the price of our class cards by approximately 6%. This decision was not easy as we wrestled with affordability for students and rising costs of our operations. Despite the increase in price, our class pricing is still well within and even below the standard rates of adult dance classes in Singapore.

Effective from 1st January 2022, the following are the new class level names and class card prices:

2021 Classes2022 Classes
Beginners 1Beginners 1
Ballet FundamentalsBeginners 2
Beginners 2Beginners 3
Level 1Level 1
Level 2Level 2
Level 3-
Class Card2021 Price2022 Price
Trial card$25$25
8 Class card$170$180
16 Class card$320$340

All class cards are valid for 6 months from date of purchase, and should you wish to purchase an 8 or 16 class card in the remainder of 2021, you will still enjoy the current prices. The last day of classes will be held on 22 Dec 2021, and classes will resume on 3 Jan 2022.

We hope you will continue to enjoy attending ADC, as we continue to provide classes in a safe environment for all.

Updates to ADC Studio Regulations

(Updated on 12 October)

With the recent government regulations on unvaccinated individuals, please note that we are unable to permit unvaccinated ADC students into our studios at Bugis+ from 13 October onwards.

Unvaccinated individuals with a negative PET test result and individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 will be permitted. This does not include ARTs conducted at home.

ADC students who are not fully vaccinated will not be able to attend classes from 13 October onwards. You may contact marketing@singaporeballet.org to cancel your booking.

For ADC Beginners 1 students who are not fully vaccinated by 13 October, please email benjamin@singaporeballet.org for further instructions.

With community cases on the rise, we seek your co-operation to abide by these safety regulations to ensure a safe environment for our staff, instructors and students. With our collaborative efforts, we look forward to fully opening our studios again in the future. Stay safe and dance on!

Book and waitlist for classes here.

Registration opens every Friday at 5pm.

Kindly note the following changes in classes:

Sat 29 Jan, 12pm, Beginners 2 with Madeleine

Sat 29 Jan, 12pm, Body Conditioning (no class)

Mon 31 Jan – Tue 2 Feb: No class (CNY break)

Sat 5 Feb, 12pm, Body Conditioning (no class)

Please click on “Class Schedule” below for the full schedule.

Class Registration
– Our classes are released on a weekly basis, and the following week’s classes (Monday to Sunday) will be available for booking every Friday at 5pm.
– Students can book and attend a maximum of 2 classes each week.

Classes in SB

– Only fully vaccinated individuals are allowed to enter Bugis+ Mall, with the exception for recovered individuals and medically ineligible individuals who cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons with proof of certification.
– For classes held in SB, students are permitted to enter the premises up to 30 minutes before the class starts.
– All students are required to check in and check out using SafeEntry. Kindly flash your check-in page to our staff upon entry.
– Students are permitted to enter the studio 15 minutes before the class, and should leave immediately after the class ends.

Usage of Masks In-studio
– All students must wear masks throughout the entire duration of the class.

Class Cancellations and No Shows
– Please do not book a slot if you are unsure of your schedule or if you are feeling unwell.
– Should you be unable to attend class, kindly cancel by 5pm of the previous working day to avoid a late cancellation penalty. Kindly cancel via email to marketing@singaporeballet.org or you may call our reception at 6338-0611.
– Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late will not be allowed into the studios due to safety reasons.
– Should a student register and not attend a class, the student will be given a warning on the first offence. Should there be a second offence, the student will be barred from registering or attending classes, and negotiations are not permitted.

Cleaning of Studio
– Our studios are extensively wiped down and sanitised in between classes. Anti-bacterial wipes are readily available for any additional cleaning.
– Cleaning frequency in the studio has also been increased and we are regularly disinfecting highly-touched surfaces.

Adult Dance Class Schedule

28 Jan 2022Friday7pm - 8.30pmLevel 1Chen WeiChoo-San Goh Studio
7pm - 8.30pmBeginners 3JasonCommunity Studio
29 Jan 2022Saturday10am - 11.30amBeginners 1BeatriceChoo-San Goh Studio
10am - 11.30amBeginners 2TimothyCommunity Studio
10am - 11.30amContemporary FundamentalsMaxStudio One
12pm - 1.30pmBeginners 2MadeleineChoo-San Goh Studio
12pm - 1.30pmBeginners 1Chen WeiStudio One
2pm - 3.30pmContemporaryMaxCommunity Studio
2.30pm - 4pmLevel 2/3Chen WeiChoo-San Goh Studio
30 Jan 2022Sunday10am - 11.30amLevel 1EtienneChoo-San Goh Studio
12pm - 1.30pmBeginners 1EtienneChoo-San Goh Studio
12pm - 1.30pmLevel 2JeremieCommunity Studio
12.30pm - 2pmBeginners 3Chen WeiStudio One
2pm - 3.30pmBeginners 2JeremieChoo-San Goh Studio
31 Jan - 2 Feb 2022Monday - WednesdayNo Classes
3 Feb 2022Thursday7pm - 8.30pmLevel 2/3Chen WeiChoo-San Goh Studio
7pm - 8.30pmLevel 1TimothyCommunity Studio
7pm - 8.30pmBeginners 2LeaneStudio One
4 Feb 2022Friday7pm - 8.30pmLevel 1Chen WeiChoo-San Goh Studio
7pm - 8.30pmBeginners 3JasonCommunity Studio
5 Feb 2022Saturday10am - 11.30amBeginners 1BeatriceChoo-San Goh Studio
10am - 11.30amBeginners 3TimothyCommunity Studio
10am - 11.30amContemporary FundamentalsMaxStudio One
12pm - 1.30pmBeginners 2MadeleineChoo-San Goh Studio
12pm - 1.30pmBeginners 1Chen WeiStudio One
2pm - 3.30pmContemporaryMaxCommunity Studio
2.30pm - 4pmLevel 2Chen WeiChoo-San Goh Studio
6 Feb 2022Sunday10am - 11.30amLevel 1EtienneChoo-San Goh Studio
12pm - 1.30pmBeginners 1EtienneChoo-San Goh Studio
12pm - 1.30pmLevel 2JeremieCommunity Studio
12.30pm - 2pmBeginners 3Chen WeiStudio One
2pm - 3.30pmBeginners 2JeremieChoo-San Goh Studio

The above schedule is subject to changes.

These 90-minute classes are predominantly designed for adults of all ages and abilities. Whether you have absolutely no prior training, or have years of dance experience, we have the perfect class for you. Rekindle your love for dance with four class levels to choose from – Beginners 1, Ballet Fundamentals, Beginners 2, Level I, Level II, Level III and Contemporary! In addition, some classes will be taught by our very own artists of Singapore Dance Theatre (SDT) as well as trained dance teachers. Adults Dance Class (ADC) offers 6 levels of classes to suit your preference and knowledge of ballet technique.
*You are advised to attend Ballet Fundamentals only if you have completed a Beginners 1 class or if you have prior experience in ballet.

Ballet Fundamentals is designed to develop and enhance the skills learnt in the eight-week introductory course, Beginners 1. This class will focus on strengthening the previous knowledge gained and adding to that, in continuing basis, with additional movement vocabulary and increasing skill. The class will be open-ended and the transition to Beginners 2 can occur once you feel prepared.

The 8 & 16 lessons class card can be used for Ballet Fundamentals. Alternatively, a trial card can be purchased at $25.

All our Fundamental-level classes are:

  • Contemporary Fundamentals with Max, Saturdays at 10 – 11.30am
  • Ballet Fundamentals with Akira, Saturdays at 12 – 1.30pm
  • Ballet Fundamentals with Jeremie, Sundays at 2 – 3.30pm

The above schedule is subject to changes.

Trial Card, 8 classes card & 16 classes card

$25, $180 & $340
  • Class cards can be purchased at SB Reception.

1) Please note that due to SB’s performance schedule, instructors for ADC classes may be replaced/cancelled for a particular session. Do check back every Friday for updates.

2) A $25 trial card can be purchased at our customer service counter before a class.

2) To save time and to minimize any issues with attendance taking, students drop off their Trial Card, 8 Lessons Card or 16 Lessons Card at the reception before the class commences. Once the class ends, students can collect their cards from the customer service counter.

3) Please note that students who arrive more than 10 minutes late will not be allowed into the studios due to safety reasons.

4) Registration is required for Beginners 1 classes.  Beginners 1 classes are scheduled in a fixed 8-week term (not including public holidays) to allow the beginner adult ballet dancer to understand the technicality and fundamentals of classical ballet. Should you miss any class during the 8-week term, Singapore Ballet will not be able to refund the missed classes, nor allow any makeup class. Please click HERE for more information.

5) The 8 and 16 lessons class card is NOT valid for Beginners 1. It can only be used for Beginners 2 – Level 3, Contemporary and Barre and Body Conditioning classes only.

6) Refunds are not allowed. However, should there be a valid medical, legal, or work place advisory, you may write in to marketing@singaporeballet.org to request for a consideration.

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We are located at 201 Victoria Street, Bugis + #07-02/03 Singapore 188067

Nearest MRT is Bugis Station (EW & DT Line)

From the MRT station:

  • Take the Bugis Junction Exit
  • Take the escalator up to level 2 of Bugis Junction
  • Follow signs to Bugis+ Mall, there will be a linkway between the 2 malls
  • Take the lift to level 7 of Bugis+ Mall (there are 2 lift lobbies on each side of the mall)


Monday – Friday: 9.00am – 6.00pm

Our customer service officers will be at the front desk from 10.00am – 9.30pm.


A classical dance form demanding highly developed technique. Ballet is best known for its virtuoso techniques such as multiple pirouettes and grand allegro, grand pas de deux, and high leg extensions. Ballet aims to improve posture, flexibility and grace through barre and centre work.


Definitely not! Especially if you are physically able to and willing to try. Our classes cater to adults and working professionals with an age range of students from 20s to 40s. Students below the age of 16 are NOT PERMITTED to take Adult Dance Classes as the classes are catered to adults and working professionals only.


Adult dance classes are suitable for those with or without prior ballet training. As classes are progressive and non-syllabus based, you may wish to purchase a trial card and decide if the level of the class is suitable for you. Progression would be advised by the respective instructors subsequently. However, students could also opt to join in other classes (higher or lower level), should they feel that they are over-qualified / under-qualified in the current level.


Simple and comfortable. A simple leotard and a pair of tights or leggings / tight sweat pants or shorts paired with a tank top or t-shirt (men) with ballet slippers would best be recommended.


Please approach our customer service officers to purchase a trial card, 8-lessons card or 16-lessons card.

Only Beginners I participants must have registered and have paid for before the start of term.


  • Trial card: $25
  • 8-lessons card: $180
  • 16-lessons card: $340
  • Beginners 1: $160 per term (8 weeks)

Please note that the classes are deducted when you attend the class and the cards are valid for 6 months.


90 minutes only.


We have daytime classes on weekends and evening weekday classes.


No. Classes are progressive and non-syllabus based.


We advise that you come in recommended attire – refer to Q6 but if you are unable to do so, you can come in anything you are comfortable in and can stretch in e.g. track pants and a tank top.


There are no definite number of lessons for each level as classes are progressive and non-syllabus based. Beginners I has 8 lessons in a term throughout an 8-week period. • Please note that no make-up classes or refunds are allowed for Beginners I once enrolled.

Beginners 2

Suitable for adults who have completed Beginner 1 or have at least 6 months of previous ballet experience. These non-syllabus classes build upon the Beginner 1 basics of ballet at barre and centre, developing previous knowledge as well as introduce more steps, new positions and movement vocabulary.

Level 1

Level 1 dancers will begin class with floor stretches specific to developing strength in their feet.  Dancers will then go to the ballet barre and learn basic steps and positions, which will be combined to create simple combinations.  They will be taught about maintaining correct posture, which in ballet, involves everything from the feet up through the top of the head.  After leaving the barre, dancers will continue stretching, working the hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, and back muscles. Dancers will attempt new jumps and execute them with more repetition.

Level 2

Level 2 dancers will begin class with stretches in the center specific to strengthening the feet.  They will then go to the ballet barre to work on basic technique, as well as, learn more detailed combinations, involving port de bras (use of upper body, head, and arms).  Dancers will be encouraged to count the music and name the steps.  They will begin learning about turnout and correct body placement.  They will expand their repertoire of jumps in simple form at the barre.  Center work will consist of combining three or more steps and dancers will work to improve their turns through spotting and proper use of the arms.  Corner work will combine two or more steps which travel across the floor.  They will learn the names of important muscles used in ballet and be given literature on anatomy for dancers.  Class time will be spent learning basic floor barre technique and stretching specific to the hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and back muscles.

Level 3

Moving from Level 2 into Level 3 is a very large step and requires a love of ballet and the desire to advance in technique.  Dancers at this level will start class at the ballet barre to work on classical technique, executing combinations at different musical tempos and on different musical counts.  They will also build strength and learn how to put several steps together while smoothly transferring their weight and holding correct posture and body placement.  Dancers will add several new steps to their repertoire.

The difference between the classes are based on the details offered by the instructor in regards to executing proper ballet technique.  The higher the level, the more serious and structured the class will be.