What did you enjoy most about 2016’s performance season?

SDT has a very versatile repertoire regardless of the company size. I always love doing full length classical works, but in 2016 I especially enjoyed Nils Christe’s Symphony in 3 Movements and Tim Harbour’s Another Energy. I love working with choreographers and these pieces I think show us SDT dancers’ hidden faces and strength.

What is your most memorable performance in your life?

It is hard to choose because I treasure all the performances, but I think it has to be the piece in Passages 2010. Edwaard Liang picked me for his world premiere, As Above, So Below, when I was still new with the company and only an apprentice back then. It was my first time working with a choreographer and being involved in a new creation, and that excited me. I had a small solo and I remember that I was so nervous that I could not sleep well the night before the premiere. But once the curtain went up, I just enjoyed it and loved every second of my ‘debut’ performance.

What do you think is the most beautiful aspect of ballet?

Ballet is an art form with no answers and limits, it is always reaching for new heights. A dancer’s technical capability continually evolves, new productions are constantly being created all over the world, and how dancers breathe a living spirit into each performance is never the same. All these culminates to that singular moment when the audience witness and treasure that once in a lifetime experience, I think that is what makes ballet so fleeting and beautiful at the same time.

What motivates you to keep dancing?

My love and passion for ballet is the motivation. I just love it so much that I would try everything that I think would help me to grow as an artist.

How has dance changed your life?

Dance has been the only thing I was passionate about since 5 years old. Through the years, not only have I had many wonderful encounters but also experienced some unfortunate circumstances that I’ve learned how to overcome them. I’m sure that there will be more obstacles to face in future but I believe they will strengthen me as I continue in my career.

What do you enjoy most about class/rehearsals?

Classes are never the same because my body feels different every day, I enjoy discovering something new in each class and getting to understand myself better and better as a dancer. I get inspired when we have guest teachers come in as the exposure helps me to understand ballet even deeper.

What is your greatest fulfilment in being a dancer?

To be on stage! It is an absolute joy performing on stage. It is such an incredible feeling when you stand in the spotlight and take in the view of audience before you. It is especially fulfilling when you get to communicate so much emotions into the audience’s lives that it create a moment when they can forget their worries, even for a short time, and find happiness in our performance. There is nothing more wonderful than that feeling of accomplishment.

Interesting fact about yourself

As much as I love the ballet Nutcracker, I’m allergic to walnuts. (But I enjoy eating other nuts like peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts)

Biggest dream or desire?

To collaborate with my two younger sisters and held a concert in the future. They are both aspiring concert pianists.

Quote or motto to live by?

There’s a saying in Japanese “一期一会”, which translates to one time one meeting. It is about treasuring meetings with people and realising that each moment is always once in a lifetime. I think you can take this as how you face each day. I try to live one day at a time, one step at a time, with no regrets!