What is your favourite ballet?

Le Corsaire. I find it fascinating because most ballet repertoires are of love stories with the female usually being in the lead. However Le Corsaire is a story about a man, Conrad, and his adventures while saving Medora.

Do you prefer classical or contemporary ballets?

I love both contemporary and classical, but I have trained longer in the classical style so I naturally and instinctively prefer it as I am able to perform classical better.

How much time do you spend dancing a week?

I probably spend about 5 hours dancing a day. I cannot really estimate for a week as each week is different.

What are some of the challenges you have faced so far as a dancer?

Ballet is a graceful art form, however the positions required for ballet dancers to achieve is not natural for the human body. So I would say that one of my biggest challenges is trying to create the perfect classical shape with my body.

Another challenge would be consistency. As a male dancer, we have to get into the routine of strength training every day. Having to train frequently is tough but it is necessary, and is definitely beneficial.

When and how did you start dancing?

When I was younger my mother took me to the musical Lion King and I loved it. Since then, I have always wanted to become a dancer on Broadway. To accomplish that dream, I realised I had to take lessons in ballet, which eventually led me to pursue dance professionally.

What is your favourite piece of ballet learned/performed?

Rimbombo. (This is a comedy ballet choreographed by Simon Dow who is a teacher at The Australian Ballet School.)

This was my first time ever performing a comedy ballet. I had so much fun in rehearsals and practice! We did a total of about 20 shows but I never got bored of it. This was also a show that had a lot of audience interaction and responses, so that was very exciting.

What motivates you when you’re having a bad day?

Lunch and sleep are the two simple factors that can help me get through a tough day.

Have you been injured? If yes, when and how did it affect you?

Yes, I had an ankle sprain about 3 years ago. That injury took about 3 months to heal! Even after the initial 3 months, I had to spend another 4 months training to get back to where I was. Even though I did spend a lot of time recovering, I do not think that it has affected my dancing much. In fact, the time spent to regain the strength in my ankle has actually helped me understand my body better.

What have you sacrificed for dance?

Besides a lot of hard work, dance requires time. The time spent training in the studio or practicing for an upcoming production becomes a priority before anything else, sometimes even my family and friends.

What have you learned about yourself through dance?

Dance makes you learn a lot about yourself. Mine in particular is to face my weaknesses which includes physical strength and patience. Through the hard times I experienced and the mistakes I made, I was able to learn and overcome many difficult seasons.