Since you joined SDT as an apprentice in January 2016, what do you enjoy the most?

I must say that I enjoy every aspect of being a professional dancer with equal affection. From taking company class every morning, where I can improve on my technique and learn from other dancers, to rehearsing a piece and working with international choreographers, and all the way to performing, where I am given the opportunity to express myself on stage.

Do you have any pre-performance rituals?

Other than the usual pre-performance preparations like stretching and warming up, I also always say a prayer before I step on to stage, to commit my worries and anxieties to God.

What motivates you to keep dancing?

I am motivated by every aspect of each choreography – the beauty of the movements, meaning behind the creation, music; everything culminates into a driving force to keep dancing. The deep desire within me to express myself through movement, and the knowledge that I am so blessed to be a professional ballet dancer also causes me to keep pursuing this art form, and not to take all these opportunities for granted.

Fill in the blank, “Dance is like ________.”

Dance is like the paint I colour my life with. At this stage of my life, dancing brings joy, colour and meaning to the way I live my life.

What is your dream role in a classical ballet?

Romeo in Choo-San Goh’s Romeo and Juliet. Dancing as Romeo really stretches one to embody emotions that span a very wide spectrum, from intense romance to devastating sorrow. He has such a rich a character that to be able to dance as Romeo well is a great feat that I aspire to attain.

What are your top three qualities as a dancer?

Diligence, sincerity, and a deep desire to express my emotions when I’m performing on stage.

To you, what is the difference between contemporary and classical works?

To me, classical works form the structure that allows contemporary choreography to break out from. Personally, I think both are equally beautiful, deep, and meaningful.

What do you want to do after dancing?

After having received the opportunities I’ve been given as a dancer, I do want to be able to give back to the arts industry in Singapore.

What was one of the most important pieces of advice you’ve received as a dancer?

“You have to dance with personality and passion!” – Ms Sylvia McCully.

Ms McCully was my first ballet teacher when I started learning ballet at the age of seven. Having grown up under her tutelage, I was always inspired by the advice she gave to her students, and still hold her words close to my heart till today.

Quote or motto to live by?

“Your attitude determines your altitude” – derived from an original quote by Zig Ziglar. This quote is important to me because it is the first inspirational quote that left such a deep impression upon me, and also because I have experienced the truth of this quote in my life.