When did you join SDT?

I joined SDT in August 2011.

What were your first few soloist roles in the company, and what was it like dancing those roles?

My first soloist role was Val Caniparoli’s Chant which premiered in August 2012. It felt amazing to have a role created on me, but I remember feeling very anxious. It was definitely very challenging!

How did the ballets you have danced at SDT developed your artistic abilities?

The ballets we get to do here cover a range of styles which require different emotions and intensities. So being versatile and exploring different expressions is important to in delivering a piece. I love that we are able to do both intense pieces like Swipe and also fun and lively ones like ZIN!. Balanchine’s pieces however, require us to express technique with musicality. Doing these very different ballets, requires a lot from us artistically.

What is a typical rehearsal day like as a First Artist? Is there a difference between being Artist and First Artist?

A typical day as a first artist is quite busy as we spend the day rehearsing different ballets at the same time. There is a difference because I feel I have to push myself even more and I hold more responsibility due to the roles I am dancing.

What is it like dancing with different partners in rehearsal and onstage?

It’s always a bit tricky switching partners as each person is different and thus have different execution and timing. So one really needs to communicate well in order to achieve a better understanding of each other.

 What SDT roles are you looking forwarding at dancing again, and why?

I’m looking forward to dancing Diamond again in Sleeping Beauty because it was such a challenge for me the last time and  I hope by having more experience, I will be able to enjoy it more this time. I am looking forward to dancing Diamond again also because it has such a beautiful costume and role.

Do you ever make mistakes onstage? What do you do?

Yes. However, as hard and humiliating as it is, the best thing to do is to keep going as if it never happened.

What costume has been your favourite?

Lambarena, Flower Girl Don Quixote

How do you feel after a performance?

If I have done well, I feel great and have lots of energy until my adrenaline wears off. But if I haven’t done well, I feel a bit disappointed.

Do you attend other dance performances in Singapore or overseas?

Yes definitely. I love the performing arts and also love to be inspired by other companies and artists.

Do you have a motto or quote to live by as a dancer?

Not officially. Just follow your heart, experience new things, never stop learning, and have a thankful spirit.