When did you join SDT?

I joined SDT officially in Jan 2011 as an apprentice.

What were your first few soloist roles in the company, and what was it like dancing those roles?

My very first was Dewdrop in Nutcracker, then Big Swans in Swan Lake and Paquita Pas De Trois the following year. Every role is very different and so it never feels the same. However, some were definitely more comfortable to do than others. Dewdrop was my first and I didn’t see it coming at all! I wasn’t used to having the spotlight on me and thus it took me a while to find the confidence to carry out the role. It was a tiring role that challenged my stamina but I enjoyed it nonetheless – the feeling when you get to the end of the routine and do all those grand jetes, is simply the best! I felt more ready for Big Swans after having done Dewdrop the year before and I can say that it is one of my favourite roles to date! The movements were so expansive and the music so beautiful that I felt I could just let go and let the music lead me! Paquita Pas De Trois was performed during Ballet Under The Stars the same year and again that felt very different to the previous two. I had to do the entrance and adagio section before the Paquita Pas De Trios which itself consists of an entrance, solo and coda so I had to learn to pace myself!

How did the ballets you have danced at SDT developed your artistic abilities?

The more number and variety of ballets you dance, the more experienced you get! We are also lucky that the repertoire here at SDT is versatile so it stretches one’s ability as a dancer.

What is a typical rehearsal day like as a First Artist? Is there a difference between being Artist and First Artist?

I don’t feel much of a difference between being a first artist and an artist apart from the fact that we may have smaller rehearsals with each other and the principals as we are often having to dance together in ballets (eg. Lilac Fairy, Prince, Aurora & Kitri’s Friends, Kitri and Basilio etc) or understudying principal roles. There’s inevitably also more responsibility as a First Artist as you take on more soloist roles. Other than that, class every morning is still together at the same time and I still dance in the corp or understudy so I’m often in all the rehearsals with everyone else if not more!

What is it like dancing with different partners in rehearsal and onstage?

Every partner is different and so it feels different when dancing together. At the end of the day it is about learning to accommodate, remembering various partners’ likes and trusting one another!

What SDT roles are you looking forwarding at dancing again, and why?

I had a great time dancing one of the Flower girls in Don Quixote last year and it’s definitely a role I’m looking forward to perform again. Another role would be Fate because this role is so emotional and dancing it a second time will definitely feel different. It will also be great to revisit this role as it had been more than 6 months since my first time dancing it.

Do you ever make mistakes onstage? What do you do?

Yes I have made mistakes and the best thing to do when that happens is to “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON”! (laughs)

What costume has been your favourite?

Organ Concerto has got to be my favourite. It’s elegant and stylish!

How do you feel after performance?

Ironically, both tired and energetic at the same time. There are times where it takes me a while to go to bed after a performance although I try to sleep as early as possible because I know I’ll have to pay for it the next day!

Do you attend other dance performances in Singapore or overseas?

Yes I do even if it means buying the cheapest ticket sitting right on top!

Do you have a motto or quote to live by as a dancer?

This is a hard question, but I would have to say: “Work hard and be true to yourself”!