What do you enjoy most about 2016’s performance season?

I really enjoyed dancing in Don Quixote. I’ve become more familiar with dancing as one of the village women and with story after performing it in 2014, so I find that I am able to improve and perform better. The choreography and style is very lively and cheery, and it is a big ballet that has a convincing storyline, so the audience is able to understand the ballet well.

I also enjoyed dancing Symphony in Three Movements by Nils Christe at Masterpiece in Motion. It is significant to me because it was my first time dancing a contemporary work since joining SDT in 2014. I loved the movement quality as well as the story and meaning behind the work.

What is your most memorable performance in your life?

My most memorable performance would probably be Serenade by George Balanchine, at Ballet Under the Stars 2015. Before performing it last year, I’ve only ever heard of the music, but never watched or dance it before. So when I first learnt the choreography, I was in awe of how perfectly the music synergised with the choreography, and it was incredibly beautiful to watch and perform in.

What do you think is the most beautiful aspect of ballet?

I enjoy the beauty that is displayed through the lines and movements that ballet produces. I also find beauty in the theatrical side of ballet, where one is able to encapsulate the identity of another person and portray that character out on stage with purposed intention.

What motivates you to keep dancing?

I’ve always loved dancing and moving about since I was a very young girl, and it has become an integral part of who I am that I would not know what to do if not for dance. So what motivates me to dance? It’s really my love for it.

What do you enjoy most about class/rehearsals?

Classes and rehearsals are a daily routine, and I’ve came to realise that morning company classes are essential to my day because it prepares my body and sets the tone for what my day of rehearsals would be like. It also decreases the possibilities of injuries.

During rehearsals, I enjoy watching my colleagues dance because I’ve found that I learnt a lot from just observing them, and I get to witness how hard they’ve worked to perform well on stage, which is something that the audience do not get to see.

If a choreographer created a work on you, what do you think it will be about?

I’ve never thought of this before, and it’s difficult to say. But I think the choreographic style would tend towards a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Favourite movie, past-time, food, person, ice cream flavour?

Movie: I don’t have a particular movie that is a favourite

Food: Seafood and hotpot. I still prefer how it is served in my hometown in China, as it is spicier and the taste is different.

Ice cream flavour: I like the Haagen Dazs’s Matcha!

Biggest dream or desire?

I really want to skydive or bungee jump one day, and if possible, I would like to do it in Australia. I find it really thrilling and exciting.

It would also be wonderful if I can have a reunion with my schoolmates and teachers from Liao Ning Ballet School, and of course to meet my family.

Favourite story of your childhood?

When I was 9, I left my hometown in He Nan to further my ballet training in Liao Ning Ballet School, which was a 20-hour train ride away from my home. I remember missing my family so much, and yet I kept persevering in my studies as I dreamt of becoming a dancer one day. So even when I faced difficulties or when I got scolded or hit by my teacher, I did not tell my family, because I know that pursuing dance is the choice I’ve made for myself. This part of my childhood will always have a deep impression in my heart.