What do you enjoy most about 2016’s performance season?

There are so many works by very different choreographers in this year’s performance season, and each of them have their own unique styles which gives me the opportunity to explore and grow as a dancer. It also gives me the chance to push myself to the best of my ability and to be as versatile as possible, so as to deliver what the choreographers want. Some works are very classical while others are more contemporary; some have a storyline while others do not. We have a wide range of our repertoire which enables me to grow and develop into a multifaceted dancer.

What do you think is the most beautiful aspect of ballet?

Ballet is beautiful because of the strength beneath the grace and elegance of the movements that the audience sees. The core muscles and legs of the dancer have to be very strong so that the upper torso and arms have the ability to be graceful, free and fluid. With strength and stability, dancers can create mesmerising shapes and movements with their bodies.

What motivates you to keep dancing?

It is definitely love and passion for this art form. Only this can cause a person to keep pushing on and never giving up. I believe that when dance is not truly from the heart, then it is almost impossible to persevere on when the body feels like giving up.

Fill in the blank, “Dance is like _____.”

Dance is like a way of life for me. It has become who I am as a person, and defined me in my identity.

What is your greatest fulfillment as a dancer?

My greatest fulfillment is when I can attain what I have set out to achieve. I want to bring enjoyment to the audience while taking them on an emotional journey with me. By exposing my true emotions and inner self, I hope to bring them on a journey to another world, even if it is just for a couple of hours.

What are your top three qualities as a dancer?

I am determined in my character, expressive in my performance, and energetic in my movements. These are three traits that many people can easily see in me, and it truly is who I am within.

If a choreographer created a work on you, what do you think it will be about?

I have never had the privilege of having a new work created on me so I am not very certain of how it would be like. However, I believe the choreographer will first try to get to know me; understand some of my past experiences as well as find out how I move. If there is a story or situation I can relate to, I will be able to put in the same emotions I felt during that time into the movements that they create. In this way, the movements will be very organic, natural and instinctual.

Biggest dream or desire?

When I have the time, I would love to travel more, to widen my knowledge of the world. I want to visit famous cities and eventually get to see the wonders of the world. I have not been able to travel much because of my busy schedules, but I would like to do so someday, perhaps when I retire.

Quote or motto to live by?

“Positivity is the key to happiness”. Being positive is very important because positive minds live positive lives, it really is that fundamental.

How has dance shaped and grown you?

Other than growing in my artistry and techniques as a dancer, I think dance has grown me to be more disciplined and determined as a person. If I can’t do a certain step for a choreography, I will keep practicing till I am confident of it and not simply give up halfway. Likewise, even in life, with every major decision that I make, I will persevere and stick to it till the end. In this way, dance has really shaped me to be stronger in every endeavour in my life.