Performance Season 2022

Founded in 1988 as “Singapore Dance Theatre” by Goh Soo Khim and Anthony Then, the significant step to change our company name to “Singapore Ballet” was a purposeful and intentional decision to rightly represent the identity, maturity, and transformation of the company.

To present ourselves as a professional ballet company, in name, would align us with internationally known standards of professional dance companies that we most match. To an audience, clarity of what to expect when the curtain goes up comes from our repertoire, marketing, and importantly, our name. As such, how we present ourselves in name must reflect what is presented on stage. This name change does not change the balance of our current repertoire, which is key, but rather amplifies who we are and what we present as a company.

Season 2022 – Metamorphosis brings us to a brand-new chapter of clearly defining ourselves – a professional world-class ballet company, proudly founded and groomed on the soil of Singapore. From presenting classical full-length ballets, to staging world and company premieres by internationally renowned choreographers, you know who we are. Now, this is our chance to embody all that you’ve experienced in the theatre with us, and to take this journey even farther.

We are Singapore Ballet, and we are here for you – our audience, friends, and community.