As Singapore’s only premier professional dance company, Singapore Dance Theatre (SDT) takes a deep pride in our heritage and carries a burning passion for our future. With a rich history of 30 years behind us, and an unwavering consistency in our artistic development, SDT has grown and received international acclaim for its brilliance and skill in classical and contemporary works.

Now with 35 full-time dancers, plus apprentices and trainees, from Singapore and 10 different nations, SDT has established itself as a significant dance company regionally and beyond, since being founded in 1988.

Season 2019 – Pride & Passion will present two seasons with live music by the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra. Anticipate the company’s most recent full-length classical, Don Quixote, in March, and the world’s most iconic ballet, Swan Lake, to close the year in December.

We will also be presenting a brand new world premiere by Lucas Jervies at Passages Contemporary Season in November. Jervies, who is an Australian choreographer and former dancer of The Australian Ballet, recently created Spartacus for The Australian Ballet which received an overwhelming response. Not forgetting the most joyous and laughter-filled performance of the year, our children’s ballet, Peter & Blue Go Around the World in June; your favourite outdoor dance event, Ballet Under the Stars in July; and the company’s annual triple-bill season, Masterpiece in Motion, in August.                                               

Through the past three decades, SDT’s repertoire has developed remarkably. With our heritage in traditional classical ballet remaining steadfast, we are deeply devoted to presenting brand new works by world renowned choreographers as well.

Every creation is a tapestry of emotions and experiences, weaved to form a fleeting moment that ought to be experienced in awe. It is never quite the same, even when it’s performed again. Every performance is ever evolving – from the way the dancers move and feel, to how your heart melds with ours. Both dancer and audience mature over time, always encountering a perpetual sophistication in every choreography.

At SDT, we are ever diversifying and enlarging our capacity towards exploring greater forms of expression and creativity. Come and experience for yourself the ephemeral wonder of being in unison with the dancers for that singular moment, with our breaths held in and where our hearts connect.

Performance Season 2019